Do I Always Look for Order in Every Chaos?

Chaotic encaustic, pigmented according to the dawn skies in February.
Orderly oil painted lines scribed using instruments of so-called precision; ruler and compass and such.

It is a naïve, often futile, but perhaps noble tendency of mortal humans. Using their feeble tools of precision and intellect to reach beyond the grasp of their understanding, they vainly attempt to find reason within the chaos of the universe. And in so doing, become the envy of the gods.

Between the Swan and Hercules?
Lyra is a (Western/Greek) constellation placed in the sky between Hercules and Cygnus.
Heracles and Cygnus are two gods that had much to learn from mortal humans.
Lyra is the instrument of mortal Orpheus.

Apollo Installed
Make it tell a story.
Any story will do.

Apollo was dad of the story goes.

Orpheus Installed
See the picture in the cloud.
Take the chaos and mold it to work for you.
Orpheus could play, like he could rock, the lyre.

Andromeda Installed
Mark the place
Plant the flag
Establish the boundaries
Measure the distance from here to there and back again.

We must chain this perfect beauty to the rocks even if that means its destruction.

Vega Installed
Crossing vast distances
and moving my matter-bound self.

Vega (Alpha-Lyrae) is the second brightest star in the northern sky and is the handle of the Lyre of Orpheus. Vega was the northern pole-star 12,000 years ago, and will be again in another 14,000 years.