Texo Vitae

This series investigates the relationship between the way I sense, and the way that I come to understand direct experience. Whether conscious or no, there are specific things that I choose to notice in the first place and then I choose to either acknowledge or discard in the second place. These choices are powerful representations of my own self-contained worldview. However, the way I assimilate this experience is far from self-contained; it has evolved in particular historical cultural contexts and scientific paradigms.

The goal of Texo Vitae is to complicate a simple representation of everyday physical experience. In doing so, I want to question the myth of the universal secular; the idea that given a world of shared mass experience, we all assimilate that experience in different ways. I want to examine the effects of tradition, culture and philosophy on the worldview that I have both constructed for myself and inherited from the world around me. I use the different materials and processes as vehicles to glimpse complex layers of context; layers that I feel I must peer through in order to at least partially examine my own life. I count on everyday imagery combined with these layers to convey the different inherited and acquired languages that I use to tell myself the everyday story of my everyday existence.